9 Th Street espresso 13th st


On this day  I am on my own as Jen had to get back to Colarado for her studies and to get back to work again, did I mention she works at starbucks? Well, it would be a complete snob of me not be her friend just because I don’t like the coffee she serves! I hope to catch up with her at the end of my travels, hopefully in Portland.

9th Street Espresso on 13th St 26th of March 12.20pm

I am killing time today till I get to go see Gorillas coffee factory, so at around 12ish I make it to 9th Street Espresso. I am kinda kicking myself as Joes is really close by and I could of done this yesterday and given myself more time for other cafes that I wanted to go to.

This place is under a theatre and has a bohemian feel to it with a ticket box with posters everywhere and bare concrete floors. I am served buy Zachery a barista now for 6 years who used to work in Washington DC but I forget where. He makes me a great espresso and cappuccino and is I think a little wary of me… Do I look strange today or is it because I order an espresso and a cap at the same time he thinks I´m here to test his coffee.

Well other then the huge bags under my eyes that I have to lug around everywhere I think he is more warey of the health inspector that is sitting typing on her computer just behind me.

I stand at the bar and we get chatting, he came to New York to be a part of the flourishing coffee scene but feels he has been tucked away out of site and mind. Its a shame as his coffees are great and he should be on show at a busier store.

I don´t stay long as I am looking for some breakfast and could eat the arse end out of a low flying duck, and the pastry option just wont satisfy me today.


  1. Good to hear news from you Deaton!
    See you in just a couple of days. LONG BEACH BEWARE!!! 🙂

  2. did you get to see their other store?

  3. No unfortunatly I ran out of time…

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