Gorilla Coffee Company part 2


After an unsuccessfull hunt for a breaky I end up finding a Thai place that’s a bit out of the way I have a Chicken Pad Thai noodle and its one of the best and cheapest I have had in a long, long time!

Eventually it comes time to go back to Brooklyn to meet Janice again so she can take me to the factory so I can meet the owners Carol Mclaughlin and Darleen Scherer.

Monday 26th 3.30pm Gorilla Coffee co

Janice meets me insides and she is busy eating after a long day behind the bar without any food. I meet some other kids that work there though I forget there names and Janice then takes me to the factory.

Tucked down a small alley I enter the roastery and first impressions tell me they are a new and busy little business. Using a gass 12 Kilo Dietrich roaster they are busily loading coffee, tidying up and un loading a new three group Synesso which they are going to use for training purposes only.

The place reminds me of many small roasters that I have been too, it has an air of, growth? By which I mean they seem to be already out growing themselves and they have only just moved in! Its a good thing as long as you have a strategy for the growth and they have assured me they do. I really like how they move their green beans around in the metal bins.

Gorilla coffee have been open for four years and have been roasting now, for two. Origanlly when they started to roast, it was in the cafe, but they quickly found it too hard to manage moving all the coffee around in front of thier customers.

The owners are an energetic pair and have a passion about the fare-trade coffees they buy, I was more then happy to just listen to their mantra and not get bogged down in the usual debate.

 We cupped some of thier coffees by means of plunger and after them giving me some free coffee and a t shirt, Janice stole me away from the pair to take me to Gimme coffee.


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