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Gimme Cafe


Gimme Cafe 26/3/07 5.30pm

Is cool!

The bar is set up is really impressive and even better still its quiet with hardly anyone in the cafe, which is unusual I´m told. Booths are set up along the left side of the cafe as you enter and a long mirror with a bar on the other. The booths stop to give space to retail shelving so we have to be tempted by the offerings before we make it to the till. 

We order at the till then only have to make a few steps to the side to watch John make the coffees. I love the bar as its in the shape of a square that sits in the back left side of the cafe. The bar is really open and its easy to see whats going on back there, conversation must flow.

John, I would have to say is the best barista I´ve had the pleasure of been served by in New York thus far! His latte art is very consistent and beautiful also his espresso was made perfectly. I am astounded to hear that he has only been with the cafe for 6 months and had to take a huge pay cut from the restaurant game to be a barista. I´m reminded of Bella Zudor from Bewley´s who only after 2 months was putting Stephen Morrisseys and my latte art to shame, though we had Bella pinned in the espresso department, hey Stephen?

We talk for a while when the young girl who took our money (forget her name, sorry) chimes in saying that she is not allowed on the espresso machine yet but loves the industry that we are in. They have had a lot of international visitors of late and its really inspired them both.

There was talk of a few of the New York cafes getting together on days off to play volley ball, at least I think that’s what they said. I remember thinking that would be a great way to break any annoying barista pretentiousness, but for some reason it had not eventuated. I hope that the cafes get together and do that, it would be a great way to meet other like minded people.

Janice and I don´t really stay for long as we are starving and Janice wanted to take me out to Brooklyns restaurant week, were many great food haunts had a set three course meal for 20 bucks.

We first go out to a really cool wine bar along the way, which I will try and find out the name of before heading out to a great dinner. We meet up with her friend who is breaking into the comedy world and we laugh our way to the restaurant!

Janice did not let me pay for the meal and I am forever in her debt as she was a lot of fun and I hope that we get to stay in touch!

Thanks Janice!!!!!