Chicago the last of my last goodbyes…


Sorry for being so behind in my blog, its been really hard to sit still in front of a computer of late, so this is what I was thinking back on the.


Well that is it then I have said my last of my last goodbyes to Maria and that means that I have officially left Dublin behind. Sitting yet in another airport reflecting on times gone by. I can´t help but feel a little empty and I´d be lying if I said that I was not a touch sad. I wonder how long I will remember Dublin and my life as it was when I was there. A quick thanks to Maria for looking after me whilst I was staying in Chicago, I had a blast and I hope to see you again one day soon.

Chicago, O’hare again with security!

After being grilled about my travel plans you think that I would be more organised. Once again, I think just to bite my nose off to spite my face I am less then prepared for the flight. I had no access to a printer though I did not really look to hard to find one. I thought that I would be smart and write down all the flights details in my diary for proof of flights… Not good enough!

The guy at the check in, bumped me forward to an 11am flight a full 1.15 hours ahead of my original flight time, nice of him after the grilling he gave me. I head to security to get scanned and the rest but the line is huge, there is no way I was going to get through in time. So to the disgust of the other passengers I jump the ques and explain to the officer my situation, no problem they let me though.

Jacket off, shoes off, wallet and phone in the tray, I present my passport and ticket to the guard who then tells me that I have been flagged for extra security. “Why”!! I cry aloud as I fall to my knees… Not really though.

So over to an over-sized guard and with a booming voice he asks me to face the wall and stand on a pair of feet shaped spots on the ground. I hear the snap of rubber gloves and I start to pray that he be gentle as I´m only little. I then get a very thorough pat down that leaves me feeling slightly, like I want to shower in the fetal position tonight! Then my back pack with all my belongings in it gets a good going through as well. My pack and shoes get swiped and tested, even though I have nothing to hide I am still getting nervous.

Obviously I get waved through and I am wondering if this is because of the trouble at Shannon airport in Ireland.

So new beginnings ahead, I wonder if Edgar will be at the airport to pick me up in Guatemala city when I arrive…



  1. Deaton
    Just wondering if you were coming up the west coast?

  2. Yeah I am in LA right now, will be here till the 24th of May.

  3. word d bo,
    got contact details to buzz you on while ur down.
    shoot me mail when u can and let me know whats happening

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