Its a Preti good life!


I wake up in the morning of my own accord and my stomach is speaking to me in ways that mean I am in for an episode… A quick dash to the toilet and about half an hour latter I try to join in with Edgar and Arturro’s boys for some early morning soccer. My stomach seems to be the one that’s doing all the kicking so I decide to lay down again. I’m blaming the still warm, fresh un-pasteurized cheese that we had the night before but who knows?


A few hours latter I get up to Edgar packing the car and wanting to leave we are heading towards his beach house that’s on the black sand beaches on the west coast of Guatemala. The house is built in a private estate with huge walls surrounding the complex and 2 armed guards at both entry points.



As Edgar drives me past the tennis courts, man made water features and past huge homes till we arrive at his pink house. Its massive with 4 bedrooms, 3 with 4 beds and 1 master room and living quarters for the maids. Out the back there is a huge pool with a spa attached, a huge dinning area with bar, table and ceiling fans. The roof of the terrace is made of pine leaves, this is going to be nice. Back inside is a spacious kitchen that’s open to the dinning/ living room.



After getting changed into swimmers we take the very short drive to the beach, the black sand is a novelty and bloody hot from the sun. I meet his family and over a beer his father tells me about the family history.


Edgar Preti Snr tells me how his grandfather was an opera singer who escaped Italy’s depression in 1904 and came to Guatemala to buy the coffee plantation. He was a man of great importance at the time and owned vast lands, that were eventually sold off or even lost to gambling. Imagine what it would have been like to catch a boat that would take many weeks to arrive in such a rugged country.


That night we drank, swam and smoked cigars till late in the night, his family is very energetic and and were more then happy to practice their English with me. The next day is just a day of relaxation so beach, pool, beers and racing along the beach on the two 4 wheelers. What a great way to start my Guatemalan adventure.


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