L’Espresso Cafe 64 Avenida Norte No. 4 Antigua, Guatemala


After leaving Edgar on the tenth I started my trip and over the next seven days I go to Tikal where there are amazing Mayan ruins, Livingston a sleepy fishing village then back south to Antigua.



After only a day in Antigua doing some sight seeing I go for a afternoon walk through the markets just to kill some time. Its full of life but I am not in the mood to be hassled, I hear some music coming from a café that has an historic outer shell with a very modern interior. I look at the menu and a short young man greats me at the door who I latter find out is called Mosh. He asks me what I would like, as he hands me a menu. I hesitate at first but then think feck it, I order an espresso. I make the suggestion with my hands to make it a very short espresso to which he comes back to me and suggests a ristretto. Ok, so he might know what he is talking about.



As he starts to make the coffee I see that the doser is empty and he is grinding fresh on demand and packing quite a lot of coffee into the single portafilter. It drips at first but starts to flow a little better through the middle. Ok, he starts to let the pour continue a little long and I was tempted to say something. What could I say or do other then make obscene jesters from across the bar? It comes out at just a touch under 50mls and its way too hot, the crema dissipates quickly but I drink it anyway for it’s the 1st coffee I’ve had in 7 days.



I tell Mosh I am a barista in broken Spanish and he lights up as I write down that I’ve been doing it for 13years. Then David comes behind the bar as I am showing photo’s of my coffees on my mobile phone. They then call the owner Armando and conversation flows as he speaks fluent English and wants to know my story.



He asks my thoughts on his espresso and I say it was poured a little long for my liking. From that he gets David to make another short, short ristretto, it comes out a little shorter then the last one but still too long for it to taste good.


Now Armando starts to tell me about his business.


At time of visit it had only been open for 8 months


Also big on yummy crepes


Uses Cafe Azutea www.cafeazotea.com


Wireless available


After we talk about his business he offers me another espresso of David and asks for it even shorter then the last. This time its the right size, I can taste some fruity notes but unfortunately I feel the Nova Simonelli is cooking the coffee. I stay for an hour taking photos and Armando gives me a 230 gram bag of coffee for free! He’s a very nice guy and I do end up going back there again in the morning after a full body massage in the pala next door that he owns as well, tough life eh?




Although this has nothing to do with coffee I would have to say that one of the highlights of my trip would have to be climbing Mt Pacaya. An active volcano where we got to stand practically on the flowing lava, it really was breath taking.

Oh, and just an after thought I was staying at a hostel called Black Cat so I thought that this picture painted on their wall would be appropriate, as I will be working in LA with Intelligentsia (visa pending).



Could make a great T-shirt…

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