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Better Latte then never!


Well things have been really quite of late down under so I can finally catch up on some of the news and goss for the last few weeks since my last post on the Aroma coffee festival.

First of all I will have to say that I am no longer working at Campos, though its a great cafe unfortunately we could not see eye to eye on a few issues and there was no other option but leave. I wish Will and boys all the best and I just have to say one thing, look outside of the bar you work in as there is a huge coffee world out there, good luck! 

A few weeks ago I got the chance to catch up with David Cooper when he came to visit after the WBC. He came to Campos cafe were I was working at the time to have a coffee and a catch up. As usual though we were just way too busy to really get the chance to talk to him whilst working. Thank fully we got the chance to go out and have dinner with him that night. 

Cooper and I behind the bar at Campos. Photo courtesy of Emily Oak and Barista Mag blog 

 Dinner was at Wagamamas in Darling harbour which was great as I got the chance to not only catch up with David but also Rob Forsyth, Jack Hanna and Emily Oak to name just a few.

Interestingly I got to meet Ivan Andrade who has just set up a web site for Baristas and more importantly were cafe owners can go and find skilled Baristas. Please have a look at his cool website,

Rob Forsyth chair of AASCA Ivan and Emily

After dinner we took off to the bar down stairs were Scott Callaghan joined us for a few beers to many, of course the talk was all coffee, coffee, coffee! Its really great to be able to get around like minded people and just chat about the industry, as you all know its really hard to get that out of people who don’t understand what we do.

Coops and Scott

 Jack Hanna is so cool!

The Coopers

On other news now that I have not really been talking about it that much and now that the Barista mag article I wrote is out I am in the process of trying to get my visa sorted for the States. I will be working for Intelligentsia but in what capacity I am not really sure just yet. There has been a lot of movement in the ranks over there so I guess i will just have to sit tight and wait. The one annoying thing is that both myself and intelli have committed time and money to getting me over there but it comes down to the interview i have with the American Embassy. So if the guy is in a good or ba mood it could very well affect the decision that is made. I guess I will just have to sit it out and wait like I have been since December 06… Wish me luck!