SCAA Longbeach, Gas and Clover



 Well today had KC, Steven and myself head of to SCAA head quarters long beach to do some sample roasting on there STA electric roaster. As we still have no gas on yet in LA and we need to actually roast and buy coffees, over the next few weeks Steven and I will take the drive down to LB for our spot buying samples.

SCAA roastersThe other Agtron

STA electric roasterSo small

Today had us roasting decaf coffees from all over so we can cup tomorrow morning before our health inspection at 2pm. I kinda dread putting decafs on the cupping table I just hope we find some “jems” as we need to make some numbers up.

Spot buying decafSuluwasi Coffee anyoneKC

I got to meet Joseph again who I had met in Nicaragua at Remecafe in Managua, it was nice that he recalled the meeting even though its been almost 2 years. The training room itself is pretty cool with lots of toys to play with and ample of room. I look forward to sitting th Q graders there soon.

SCAASCAA training room

IMG_8827[1]Never seen so many jugs in the one place

We have a date for the gas to be turned on here in LA and we have even booked Marty to come out and fire the roaster up. I was supposed to be going to Berkley for the Western Regional Barista Competition but there is no way I would miss the controlled burn that Marty will be doing. Also Geoff Watts will be in town for a couple of weeks and that means there will be some serious drinking to be had!!


Gothot with our coffee bins

On other news I know that everyone has heard about the sale of Clover to Starbucks, its smart business and I wish the kids at Clover all the best. As for what it means for us back in OZ and everywhere else only time will tell. In the mean time we all just need to stay focused on the business of selling outstanding, fresh coffees and not rest our morals on marketing appeal of equipment.

Interesting times…


  1. I’m jealous. Not the sulawesi: the sweet roaster. Glad you guys finally got go ahead for fire out there.

  2. Hi Deaton

    Tell more about the controlled fire that Marty does. Was this to clean out the build-up in the roaster or to demonstrate a fire? Or something else?

    So, is Intelly LA taking out their Clovers as a result of the Starbucks deal?

    Interesting times indeed…

    Hope you’re enjoying life – from your Flickr account it looks like it 😉

  3. Hey Klaus,

    Yeah the controlled fire was to season the roaster but to also burn off any chemicles, glus or metels that might still be in there. As it turns out we did not end up doing the burn as there was no real work done on the drum itself.

    Nah clovers are staying in no matter what starbucks are doing, lets face it they are still good brewers.

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