Minneapolis to WBC!


Just wanted to say congratulations to my work mate and mate, Kyle Glanville for taking out the USBC with one of the highest scores to date. A lazy 803 saw the kid be crowned in front of a couple of hundred peaple and lord only knows how many online viewers.

So if you had of asked me only 5 weeks ago if I was going to go to Copenhagen I would of answered a deflated, no, I can’t afford it… At this point Kyle Glanville had asked me to be his coach for the WRBC and I have to be honest I am not really sure why, but still gladly accepted his invite. I guess after the WRBC in Berkley he realised not only did he have to step his routine up but he need someone to iron his shirts and table cloths while he slept…

All the Intellicrew from both sides of the country were fantastic and the support they showed for each other was just fantastic to be a part of. Nick was so polished in the finals that there were people betting on him to win and I will say I was really disappointed that he came in 5th but we can’t have them all I guess.

the semi'sNick in mid cap motion

Shar getting ready for her husband NickCleaning up after the comp

(Shar getting her hair done in the hotel room and back stage after all is said and done)

I can’t wait to see all my old buddies over in Europe it will just be fantastic after such a long time! We have so much to organise between now and then its just mind blowing and almost too full on to think about. I guess I will carry a note pad with me everywhere we go and just keep writing down ideas as they pop up!

We have bought some training tools to help in Kyles run up to the WBC a very use full tool that not only will help us criteque but also document Kyles progress. So in the near future keep an eye out for my updates and what nots, some of it should be interesting. 

On a personal note I also got to judge at the event, I was very excited and very nervous all at once as, unlike in Berkley all I had to do was sensory. I had some fantastic coffees come across my palate and out of the guys and girls that I judge I would have to say that Chris Deferio’s was the best. Even though he did not make into the finals I know that his sensory score would have been high.

The SCAA show that the comp was on was great I had the chance to meet for the first time Bridget and Justin from St Ali www.stali.com.au in Melbourne. They were telling me about the woes they are having with the importers there now that they are starting to bring in there own coffees. Also my old mate Reuben from Mecca www.meccaespresso.com(bad web site guys, where’s that creative flare that I know you have;-) who have just installed a vintage probat in Sydney that looks fantastic.

I found it refreshing to have some younger Aussie’s around to hear what has been going on in Australia, these three are really going to be the movers and shakers. They are really wanting to develope and shake up the industry back home and they are already succeeding! I wish them the best and I will be leaning on them if I get kicked out of America.

Other then that we are up and roasting and we getting more and more work loaded onto us every week, its a great change to just sitting around talking about coffee. Though my poor girlfriend Julia is not happy with the new hours but she is a tough Kiwi and is standing by me through this transition.

That’s it for now have a look at the new Mystral that we have to play with…


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