Looking at the clock through tired eyes


Looking at the Clock through Tired Eyes

May 16, 2008


Well, here we are again in the training room at Intelli LA, and it feels
late already as Kyle and I both have been at work since 7am doing our
day-to-day jobs. What time is it now? 10:10pm? That feeling of being tired
to the very bone creeps back, but this time there is a different energy.
This must be what James Hoffman felt like preparing for the WBC last year,
and I am sure he and Stephen Morrissey are in the exact same boat again this


Today after some long logistical meetings we are really just doing a
re-grouping of sorts. Kyle has taken the all too familiar trip up to Crate &
Barrel after realizing that all of his equipment was damaged on the trip
home from Minneapolis. He has made some incredible purchases and has
definitely improved on his USBC performance equipment.

We are in talks with some old contacts of mine in Europe to see if and how
they could help us out in the next few weeks. I won’t go into too much
detail as nothing is confirmed, but if we can pull it off, the help will go
a long, long way! Distractingly, a constant buzzing in the background of our
1960’s Dolly Madison ice cream maker is only slightly drowned out by Kyle’s
search for a new sound track. The ice cream and music are only some of the
changes and a lot of people have already started to ask: “Why make any
changes to your performance?” To which Kyle replies: “I like to keep it
fresh and interesting.”

Well, I will keep it short as I now have to go and watch his run through and
we have a lot to improve on as the judges correctly pointed out in his score
sheets. I will try and do a running blog as we go further into our training.




  1. How well I know the suitcase of glass. Bring 10 of everything, at least two will break. (I’ll never forget the look of horror on Stephen’s face backstage when I dropped my last spare sig drink glass minutes before going on stage….

    Good luck with the practicing, but be careful not to take the fun out of it. I was very glad to stop competing because of those 1am finishes.

  2. Thanks James the support goes a long way! See you soon!

  3. Good luck guys. Oh, how I do NOT miss the endless lists of things to brings. Please keep up updated on the progress. And Deaton, stop breaking Kyle’s stuff!

  4. Good tip! Klaus you are still number one in my eyes!

  5. Many generations of bright-eyed children eagerly concocted their masterpieces using that 1960’s Dolly Madison ice cream maker, and how proud they would be to know that a champion barista and his amazing trainer are now using that same machine that hummed so sweetly to them in their childhood years. Enjoying a cup of Intelligentsia coffee and sending impeccable success your way! Go get ‘em, mates!!! =)

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