1st stumble through


After a long night of getting most of Kyle’s gear in some sort of recognizable order, we decided to have our first run-though. Now, it’s easy to think that this might just be a breeze as he is already well-rehearsed, but due to the fact that we are changing things up, we could more appropriately call this a “stumble-through”.

“Tonight judges, um, erm we will be tasting a coffee from, um erm, an area just out side of, um erm…” You get the picture. Now even though this was quite the run-through, it’s great to get it out and now have a place to move forward from. Kyle definitely needs to immerse himself in his coffee, geography, story and the whole meat and veggies without forgetting the taste. It’s our goal to know the coffee so well that we will both be dreaming about it.

What are the key points that we want the judges to get and how can he be assured they are getting them? Coming up with lists of descriptors, correcting posture and eye contact… the list really does go on and on. Kyle needs to be able to take, not only the judges, but the audience as well on a culinary journey just like, say, Jamie Oliver (the Naked Chef) does.

The week is over but our weekend has just started. With our day-to-day jobs put to rest for 48 hours, our competition work is just about to start.

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