Cabin Fever


Stir crazy is in the air… Kyle (the competitor) is raving mad, Nick (Griffith) is being coy about something, Nick (Barnett) has gone AWOL, and poor Sean (our warehouse guru from Chicago) is cowering in the corner, scared. Neither Sean nor the rest of us have any idea that Kyle is about to do the run-through that nightmares are made of!

Kyle has something to sayDon't play coy

he turns up in the darndest places



1) Kyle has to remake his second set of shots.


2) For some reason Kyle is not practicing with 6 cups, so he re-serves espresso in the dirty ones.


3) He falters during the introduction of his sig drink speech.


4) He forgets to tell the judges how to drink his espresso.




1) Disaster hits as his steam wand covers his bench in water.


2) The drinks have good definition but come out a little on the thin side.


3) A key ingredient in his sig drink is not dispensed correctly.


Signature Drink:


1) The second set of shots pours from one side of the spout, defying gravity for almost the whole time.


2) He doesn’t have not enough time to remake his espresso.


3) The device to help pour his sig drink ends up being more of a hindrance then an aid.


4) Kyle forgets to his spare cloth to wipe up drips from his “pouring aid”.


5) He runs out of time before he gets to add his final ingredient in his sig drink.



Maybe the good luck charm that I set on the end of the judges’ table is not so lucky after all. (No, it couldn’t be that.)

Head judge

So with all that said and done, we have learnt from his mistakes, and we have worked out: how to dispense his sig drink better and cleaner, how to get around the gravity-defying espresso, how to make sure that the ingredients in his sig drink will work for him, how to allow more time in case he needs to re-pull shots, and how to iron out some kinks in our grinder. All this while working on his speech and mannerisms.

Kyles tool

Now to do another run through!



  1. prom photo?

  2. A photo taken at my cousins wedding… So cheesy

  3. I like it…

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