Post memorial day hangover…


Well, we have had an amazing week gone by though it feels more like a couple of minutes since my last post. Setting up the Los Angeles sight has been an eye opener to say the least and like any start up business we are working out our systems on the fly. So with 15 hour days under our belt unfortunately it leaves very little energy for anything else, including this blog, my apologies. We had three goals for the week: 1) double output, 2) make it happen before the UPS pick up at 4.30pm and 3) do it in only 3 days and down one roaster (for at least one of the days). Being that we were so busy it was great to see everyone on board here pitch in and help. It came down to the wire but somehow we got through it and, more importantly, the coffees were delivered on time.


In saying that, this does not mean that Kyle nor myself were not doing any WBC work over the week gone by. Earlier this week we had a very special and exciting delivery. Kyle has been getting some custom “stuff” built for him, now that they are here it has made our nights in the lab a lot more functional. Everyday we are getting closer to the elusive signature drink preparation, Kyle is using the same sig drink as the USBC but with some very new twists. Last but not least we had the arival of Kyle’s WBC coffees, fresh crop and very exciting to say the least.

Kyles WBC coffees arrive!


I wish you could smell these fresh crop coffees

I had the chance to roast this coffee on the Gothot today, along with my roaster in crime Steven Lee, and to say that we were as excited as two small school kids in a candy store would be an understatment. Expect to hear more about this / these amazing coffees as the build up to the WBC intensifies!



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