Twinkle Toes


Like a football team during a tournament, it’s important not to peak too
early, and teams should not be flat-footed and tired at the end of the
season. Over the last week I am happy to say that it feels like Kyle is on
track. With every run-through over the last few days Kyle’s performance is
getting better and better. So Kyle “Twinkle Toes” Glanville is now ducking
and weaving in his run-throughs like Nick Farr-Jones
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nick_Farr-Jones) or Tom Brady (for you
American football fans), but there is still room for improvement and to us,
at least, that is a good thing.

We put the call out to our Baristas at the cafe to come and take part in and
help evaluate Kyle’s preparation. It was pitched as an idea that this was
truly a great opportunity to stick it to the man, paybacks for all those
long arduous deflating training session with Kyle.

The call went out and two stepped up to the plate: enter John Hicks (who was
just promoted to Barista at the coffeebar) and Jared Linzmeier (Shift Lead
at the coffeebar). Inconspicuous to some, but given half the chance, like
today, they will tear you to shreds! We sat them down as sensory judges, put
a blank piece of paper in front of them, and let them go.

Jared and John

Mr Nature himself, Jared one of our Baristas

I am now sitting down in front of the PC typing this post and it brings a
smile to my face to hear them still at it. Brain storming and poking fun,
all whilst getting the job done. This is what it’s all about.

Kyle’s coffee has had enough rest so we now have a good idea what it’s about
taste-wise. It has some big notes, it’s pushing some boundaries, and it’s
ultimately delivering on the promise that Kyle found on the cupping table.
It really is special.

Good times.


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  1. what a bunch of cun…..

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