Corrections and stuff


So I guess, now that I am getting more hits on my site these days I should really be more careful with dates, times, faces and place’s… Oh, by the way,  I will not correct myself when I write any of the following things, bad grammar, typos, spelling mistakes, Aussie slang, swearing nor if I make a complete arse of myself!

So Marty Curtis calls me the other day and when I see his ID come up on my phone I immediately think that something is wrong with our roaster. “Hey boy!” I hear as I answer “I was reading your post today and your wrong!” he gives a timely pause. :”We fired up the roaster on April fools day, the 1st of April, remember?!”…

Marty is right and I apologize  to all readers out there including the guys and gals that are part of our Roasters Choice program… We fired up the roaster on April 1st, I, now remember how we were all joking that this was not going to work and it would take another month before we started. Funny yeah?

Marty Curtis hard at work

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