A question or two for Stephen


Hey Stephen I have a few questions for you mate.

1) Did you get marked down in your techs for immediate insert and brew at the WBC?

2) What were the judges notes like for your espresso, did they comment on the body and acidity like you asked them to?

3) Do you feel the judges got the same tasting notes for your espresso as the ones you gave them ?

4) Would you be game enough to publish your score sheets for us the public?

5) Can you touch your toes yet?

Hope to hear from you soon!



  1. I will answer one of those questions, pick one.

  2. Answer two!

    Barista mag’s blog said

    ““At the U.S. Barista Chamionship, I saw a new trend among the baristas where they dose into the first portafilter, tamp, and then place the PF down on the table in front of the machine to wait while they dose and tamp into the second PF. Some barista competitors have found that it’s worth losing the point for “Immediate insertion” on the technical scoresheet for the benefit of the PFs being inserted at the same time so the shots pull almost simulaneously”

    I want to know did you loose points for that?

    I really want your thoughts on questions 2 and 3 as well, I loved that you re-created a blind cupping for them, did they hit the mark?

  3. Deaton Pigot.

    You have chosen question two.

    The answer is no, I was not market down. I knew I wouldn’t be going into it.

    your associate,

    Stephen M

  4. Gutless wonder!

    Thanks for taking the time out of your busy lifstyle to answer only one of my questions! I thought you’d be a better champion then that… I was so wrong, so wrong…

  5. Deaton

    the immediate insert and brew only applies to pressing the button once the pf is in the group… it does not refer to grinding and dosing….

    Stephen – I’d love you to answer Q5.


  6. Emily Oak

    You have asked me to answer question 5.

    I once touched my toes, supplying a date would be difficult though.

    your fan

    Stephen M

  7. Thanks Emily,

    Thats how we judged it at the USBC this year I just was wondering if the WBC differed, which of course it shouldn’t.

  8. I feel blessed…

  9. Reminds me of the Doctor Who episode where Tom Baker has to get past 2 sentries who can assist him with choosing the correct door to escape. He can only ask 1 question to get assistance from the sentries. One sentry is programmed to tell the truth, the other to lie. If he asks the wrong question, and opens the wrong door, he dies……..
    I think you died Deaton 😉

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