Where in the world is Stephen Morrissey?


Has anyone seen this man?

Marrissey and Morrissey by you.

last seen in Copenhagen July 2008 when he received the honor of being crowned, the World Barista Champion of 2008. Since then Stephen Morrissey has all but disappeared with only 1 blog post, no Flickr, Facebook, Barista Exchange, Myspace, text messages, in fact in my mind absolutely no commentary what so ever!

Whats the Barista community to do? Sure there have been story’s about him in publications around the globe but I am starting to think that like Big Foot or the Loch Ness monster he is in fact just a figment of our collective imaginations.

Maybe a memorial service is due, should we stand down our portifilters, stop our roasters and drop cupping spoons to observe a 20 to 30 second silence in remembrance of our lost hero?

Please send photos if you have any, letters, hair clippings, foot prints, odors, any evidence at all that Stephen Morrissey is in fact alive and I will send to you, where ever you are a pound of Black Cat and a Intelli t shirt, if I believe it to be true.

May a greater power then all, help us.



  1. Stephen was spotted walking around vancouver looking disheveld and a little lost…..probable cause
    caffiene over dose

  2. i saw him wandering the streets of Glasgow, in a Guinness induced haze…

  3. news update.
    Morrisey spotted in stanley park running with a pack of cougars

  4. I need photo’s where is the proof! Any photos will do!

  5. unfortunately like big foot he moved way too fast for me to take a photo,he is an elusive creature

  6. Sorry no photos. But I did actually chat with him for about 5 seconds on Facebook yesterday (my first chat there BTW). Of course he mysteriously disappeared from our conversation before we said goodbyes. Yet again the magic surrounding the bearded one becomes stronger.

  7. No photos so you must believe – I got a glimpse on him entering the Square Mile. The moment he noticed that he was not alone there he suddenly disappeared with a bang!

  8. i think the recent Bigfoot hoax may be connected…


  9. Sighting:
    La Prensa front page

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