WRBC 2009


It has been an epic 8 months since Copenhagen.  Instead of sitting back, drinking reflective pint after reflective pint on the comp-talk of yesteryear, we headed our weathered palates  straight back into the cupping lab to evaluate and project what coffees would be available for the baristas to compete with in 2009.

So yet again, the blood, sweet spro and sweat (and tears) flowed freely–definitely not always lovingly–as we waded through routine after midnight routine trying, scrapping, and re-trying.  There were many cuts and bruises along the way–even a black eye from a portafilter that was triumphantly thrown across the room only to connect with a poor passerby–but we’ve kissed, made up and now we are ready…

We at Intelligentsia are proud to present:

For those who are wanting to join in on the festivities and know about all the going-ons for the Western Regional Barista Competition here in LA please go here!


  1. What he said!

  2. I really hope the Santa Teresa makes it the cut. We are so loving that espresso. Consistently pulls the sweetest shots and makes the best macchiatos– and it is pretty darned forgiving. I comp’ed one of our regulars with an upgrade to the Santa Teresa, and afterwards he told me that it was without a doubt the best capp he’d been served anywhere; if he hadn’t watched me make the drink he would have sworn that I added brown sugar and cherries. We have customers paying $2.75 for a straight double espresso, three times a day, so they can enjoy it while we have it. Congrats to the entire espresso/roasting team for putting together such an amazing offering!

  3. Hope you guys are having a great time! Wish I could have made it to some of the Western competitions. This one is huge!

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