The not so coffee, coffee post.


The other day I happened to over hear a conversation from a coffee outsider but an avid coffee follower, talking about the blog sphere that our community has. He noted that when he looked back at some of the bloggers when they were new to the industry their post were fresh, innocent and somewhat cool. He then went on to note that as time went on, their blogs became a tool to be “cool” with spiteful criticisms raring its ugly head a little all to often…

In a moment of self reflection and in light of a couple of my last post, I think I am dangerously walking a thin line and could easily fall to the wrong side. With posts like In Season Coffee which created somewhat of a small stir I watched my blog states blow up and I have to say I loved it. I then started thinking, how do I now top that? What other questions or criticisms  can I pose?

I realize that I am frozen, a little nervous of what to type next and what content I should delve into? I feel I need to get back to the reason why I started this blog in the first place. To leave the content rich bloggers like James and Tony in the esteemed light that they deserve and have worked hard for, to go back to my simple, honest, travel type stories. To talk about coffee, coffees drank and the people that I have met along the way.  So I can take a snap shot, of my time, in that place, on this earth, before I forget.

With that in light the last few weeks have been a completely new life here in LA, my wife and I have reached a new equal librium with our surroundings. We are now fully enjoying the diverse lifestyle that this city can offer, even if you do have to drive to get to it.

Julia is learning to drive, that’s right Los Angeles, there are people out there in the world who don’t know nor need to drive. The poor girl has had no choice in the matter, with next to no good public transport.  To get to anywhere that is worth a visit, like her vintage market on Fairfax and Melrose , it’s just too far to ride on her almost broken bike. So with many an oh Shit and oh Fuck, we drive, sometimes smoothly,  sometimes fast and mostly wobbly down the road, with only one or two close encounters thus far. To her credit she has picked up the aggressive LA driving style, as opposed to the Sydney defensive driving style, a little to easily.

In the last two weeks I have been starting work at 9am, so I have taken that time in the morning to reconnect with our espresso bar. I really should of done this a long time ago, because it is great to see what a little community the bar has developed. Almost like Cheers every morning without fail I saw and exchange pleasantries with the Dr Frasier Crane’s, Woody Boyd’s and the Norm Petersons of the Silver lake store. For the first time I had a warm and fuzzy feeling of accomplishment, that all of this is a result of many long hours that the folk at Intelligentsia have worked hard for. Reconnecting with the bar has reminded me that this is truly why I am involved in coffee, for the community.

One last thing, as I have not done so already I would like to congratulate the guys at Intelligentsia for getting 1, 2 and 3 at the WRBC!

Oh, FYI, Nick, Devin and Ryan are back in the training room gearing up for the USBC, I can’t wait to see what they can achieve!

Good luck to all that are working hard for the USBC, I’ll be seeing you in Portland.

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  1. I think it’s great to read about *your* personal experiences in coffee rather than you try to stir things up just for the sake of it. And I am sure that your many adventures and experiences in coffee in time will spur some great topics for discussion.
    What you wrote about reconnecting with the espresso bar is a good reminder to all of us in coffee. A lot of us tend to be so busy that we forget to come in and simply enjoy the coffee, the atmosphere and the people in our coffee shops.

    Good luck with the driving lessons. Be sure to share the infamour Nicaraguan beep-beep honk-honk system with Julia!

  2. I think that if I were writing about coffee at this point that a lot of what I would write would come across confrontational or heretical. And it seems like it is all too easy to cross over from essaying to stoking small fires or criticizing from the sidelines, which I think there is plenty of already.

    On the rare occasions that I do post (or in commentary to my photos) I try to keep things positive, in spite of the dark truth that I am continually frustrated and disappointed at the in-the-cup experiences I’m having in semi-civilian coffee life.

    Lots of work to be done in coffee still – challenging roads ahead on all fronts. glad that someone of your integrity is in the ranks of those leading the charge.

  3. There is no hint of sarcasm when I write that the two endorsements from my peers above, couldn’t make me happier! It makes me believe that I am now on a better track.

    Blogging for the sake of my “readers” or to attract a larger audience, rather then bogging for the pleasure of blogging itself, is something that I hope I will never contemplate again.

    There is a lot to be done in coffee, Tony is right in saying that road ahead will be challenging, I/ we within the community, still have a lot to learn and to the best of our abilities, we should all be humbled by our adolescence.

    Thank you Klaus and Tony!

  4. Let’s get her on my speedy-bike next!

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