20oz from Intelligentsia


Just found this today some how it slipped under my radar.The journalistic powers at the end of the clip leaves a lot to be desired.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “20oz from Intelligentsia“, posted with vodpod


  1. “What was that? What was I saying?” A ha ha ha ha!!
    Fox News rules.
    I liked the commment from one person that “I just want as much caffein as possible” when most places (I don’t know what Intelly does) serves just a double shot in both the 16 and the 20 oz.

  2. klaus, i was wondering about what she would be consuming in her 20oz, and figured she got the concept of latte all wrong.

    i just wanted to mention we never printed the 16oz size with the KAFFA-logo, so 12oz is the largest cup we offer. however, we have some 16oz glasses “under the counter” (they’re actually not visible to the customers) at JAVA and MOCCA, but only two regular customers who order their latte in this size. they are kind of excused because they order singles – has nothing to do with coffee any more …

  3. I hope that you can stop doing the 16oz in the future as well. These are the top end of sizes here in aus and it seems that a lot of people in the city who order them take it as a breakfast coffee and also something to jolt them into action at work.

    btw, when you guys had to do the 20oz coffees, was the order for ‘extra hot’ more prevalent as well?

  4. Yes, the culture of over sized drinks still haunts us here at Intelligentsia, in Chicago at least. Here in LA the biggest drink you can get is a 12oz, over time I am sure that will change as well in Chi-town.

    As Doug said to me when this surfaced a while ago, when they (Intelligentsia) were opening their first store, they had to try and compete with Starbucks…

    That is not the case so much anymore, they have to wean their patrons off the larger sizes.

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