Afterburner woe’s


Friday morning we could not start our afterburner, we have issues with our pilot light igniting before so we just assumed that we needed to pull it out and give it a clean. Though once Jared pulled out the pilot light and looked up inside this is what he saw.

Inside pilot light

Inside pilot light

The larger hole at the top of the photo is where the pilot light fits snugly into the the afterburner, usually you can see straight up into the can, as you can see, we can not.

Enter Jared to try and clean out this rubble through the hole which is only about 3 inches across, the idea is to break up what ever is in there and see if it falls out.

Jared ready for action

Jared ready for action

Of he goes.

Of he goes.

This is all Jared could clear out.

This is all Jared could clear out.

Upon realizing that there was more then meets the eye we got in touch with Marty, sent him photo’s of this of above (Jared not included). Then called in the big weight, Nick Barnet to solve our woe’s,  after many emails and phone calls Nick dedicated his Saturday to doing clearing it out, by getting into the afterburner through one of the pipes at the side of the can.



More insolation

More insulation

At the end of Nicks Saturday

At the end of Nick's Saturday

Our stack on the roof had been slowly leaning over and was in danger of falling over completely, so when the repair guys came to straighten it up, we figure that they could of loosened the insulation at the top, see here.

Inside the afterburner

Inside the afterburner

We should be fine though as this is only one of three more layers of insulation.

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  1. […] this photo of me when I was about to go have my way with the afterburner pilot.  Deats has given a full account of the whole scenario so I’ll spare that here, but suffice to say that roasters (the people) […]

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