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WBC gets a little comedy cameo on the Colbert report


Maybe I should not laugh at this, but by Jaysus I did!

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Basic Chemical Reactions in Roasting


I have some spare time over the coming weeks so I will go into more detail of what we think is happening when we roast and how we perceive some of these reactions in the cup.  Let’s start with some information I learned from Carl Staub, on basic chemical reactions in roasting.

Staub says, “Many thermal/ chemical reactions occur during the roasting process, decarboxylation, dehydration of quinic acid moiety, fractionization, isomerization, polymerization, and complex sugar reactions. The principal thermally reactive components are monosaccharides and sucrose, chlorogenic acids, free amino acids and trigonelline. Both arabinose and Gollactose of polysaccharides are split off and the basic sulphur containing and hydroxyamino acids decompose. Carbohydrates both polymerize and degrade, liberating thermally unstable mono saccharides, decomposing 15 to 35% of the polysaccharides, depending on the degree of roast.”

Some meanings that I could not find links too

Hydroxyamino-acid (a protein constituent in coffee)

What does that mean to us? Well, like some of the Irish roasters that I used to work with would say, “when it’s brown, feck it out!”.

Soon I will post about sweetness and what it means to me when evaluating coffee.

In other news I am contemplating a trip up to Seattle and Portland this week, contemplating…



Rare photo?


I don’t normally post photo’s of myself but this came across my way today courtesy of Paul Stack of UberBoiler fame.

In the picture is Arther Wynne of Wicked Cafe Vancouver (hope you’re enjoying west coast Intelligentsia Arther), myself and Stephen Morrissey.

We were representing Ireland in the UK v’s Ireland team barista challenge in Dublin, going head to head with non other then James Hoffman and team.


Oh and in case you are wondering, yes, James did win…


Mike Phillips – WBC 2009 Video


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By Tim Styles

World Barista Championship 2009


It’s been a busy week here leading up to the SCAA and WBC as we have had a heap of Australian visitors dropping in on their way through LA.

Dave Makin and Zoe

Paul Geshos


Rob Forsyth

Plus there will be a few others dropping by on their way back home.

Last night we had a BBQ sponsored by Intelligentsia to give the staff at our cafes the chance to meet one another.

A big special thanks to Tim Varney for sending some us some of Tim Wendelboe‘s coffee; we can’t wait to get our lips around that deliciousness.  With their fancypants packaging they, Tim and Tim, have once again proven that they are indeed the Tim-est of them all!

Sorry Tim Styles.

Oh yeah, I will be watching the live stream of the  World Barista Championships, all weekend.


Tim Styles BlogMovie


Tim Styles is trying to Blog…

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Hey all,

So a few of us are pitching in to give new life to our old blog INLELLI(dot)LA, it was my turn to introduce myself, but to date Jared and Mike Hudson have had something to say as well.

Check it out


Oh yeah, the ball is no longer in my court, I will let you know the outcome of my visa as soon as I know, thanks for all the support!