Visa Update


Well tomorrow looks like it could be the day that we sign off on our visas and submit them to the powers that be. Myself and Julia have been up to our eyes in paper work for weeks and we are ready to meet with our lawyer at 3pm to give it our seal of approval. So with red ribbons tied neatly around each of our weighty bundles of papers, we hand our fate over to the US  immigration department.

So with that I have a new sense of zen knowing that we have done all that we could have done, starting almost 18 months ago. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank publicly, those who have contributed to and helped me along the way with my visa application.

Not in any particular order and if I leave a name out please, please forgive me.

Kyle Glanville

Doug Zell

Geoff Watts

Cara Miller

Chris Hallien

Benita Barnes

Karl Purdy

Andrius Valiauga

Tim Kinsella

Jo Smith

Henry Hueck

Emily Oak

Brent Fortune

Sarah Allen

Klaus Thomsen

And last but not least my good friend Mr Stephen Morrissey.

Also I would like to thank all at the roasting works and Silverlake cafe in Los Angeles in particular my roaster buddies Mr Steven Lee and Jared Linzmeire, who have put up with my mood swings, tantrums, tears and whom have carried the load when I have been away. Of course this extends to all at Intelligentsia, no matter who or where you are!

Fingers crossed will let you know the outcome in 13 business days.


  1. crossing my fingers!

  2. She’ll be right.

  3. yes we can!

  4. having been through the visa process myself (green card rather than work visa) its a rough one.
    here’s to the right outcome.

  5. good luck buddy

  6. As you would say, “no worries.”

  7. All the best mate…

  8. you’re doomed

    no you’ll be fine

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