World Barista Championship 2009


It’s been a busy week here leading up to the SCAA and WBC as we have had a heap of Australian visitors dropping in on their way through LA.

Dave Makin and Zoe

Paul Geshos


Rob Forsyth

Plus there will be a few others dropping by on their way back home.

Last night we had a BBQ sponsored by Intelligentsia to give the staff at our cafes the chance to meet one another.

A big special thanks to Tim Varney for sending some us some of Tim Wendelboe‘s coffee; we can’t wait to get our lips around that deliciousness.  With their fancypants packaging they, Tim and Tim, have once again proven that they are indeed the Tim-est of them all!

Sorry Tim Styles.

Oh yeah, I will be watching the live stream of the  World Barista Championships, all weekend.


  1. Oh yeah! Glad it arrived dude… Hope you enjoy! Miss you over here in Atlanta…

  2. Hey Deaton,
    I was really hoping I’d get to meet you again in Atlanta, after good times in Dublin. I hope you get to play with the UberBoiler I left with Intelly. Be well. Be wide.

    • Hey Paul!

      Yeah that would of been great, I am already making plans to come to London (quick stop by Ireland) for the WBC next year, so till then!

      I will go out of my way to make sure that I get the chance to play on the UberBoiler no matter where it ends up, be it LA of Chicago, thanks for leaving it with us!!!

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