Sunday roasts


Well you may or may not know, we have started to roast on Sundays for our cafes in LA. For the last two weeks I have been the “Sunday” guy as our man Jared has been away.

The Sunday roast day is our most relaxed day to be at work, with a come as you please schedule. With no one else working in LA (other then the packaging crew) nor in Chicago, there is a strange absence of emails flooding the inbox. We don’t have to run around grabbing coffee samples for evaluation, set up cuppings, do espresso evaluation nor data entries in fact it is the one day of the week we get to be just a roaster and nothing else (not that I don’t love doing that stuff it is just a nice change). Not sure if or when I will be doing that shift again, I guess it depends on Jared’s holiday schedule.

Feeling good about today, everything just fell into place, every minute marker, Agtron and drop temp were hit and I managed to get the day wrapped up in just 3.75 hours. A nice little bonus to the week at a pay rate of time and half!

Oh yeah!

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