Versalab Espresso Grinder and Press at the Laughing Goat.


This is interesting, I have a few questions.

1. How long do the belts last on the grinders under those circumstances and how much are they to replace?

2. Is the coffee dosed by volume or weight? Could you explain how you adjust for which ever it is?

3. The purpose of two hoppers, are they purely for volume, or are they to house multiple coffees?

4. I am no engineer, could you explain the tamp for me, is it pneumatic or hydraulic? How do you control the pressure and tamp duration?

Of course I could imaging that maybe you could not answer all these questons, as you might not want to let the cat out of the bag, as it were…

As always I am not asking these questons in a negitive challenging mannor, rather I am coming from an excited/ curious mind.




  1. Ok, I sat through most of the 9 min video on the grinders, and it does answer some of the questions posed above. Look here, http://tinyurl.com/m8ypf4.

    I am still left wondering about how to adjust the volume of coffee being dosed, plus have questions about the tamp, as above.


  2. yeah, larger volume circle in the sliding dosing thingy for bigger dose maybe? Kinda cool, but yeah like you many questions. I was considering getting an M3 a while back (for home but without the hoppers). I’d miss the doser though. Still good to see companies working outside the box.

  3. A few answers… (disclaimer, I do not own one, but have used a versalab in the past)
    1. Pragmatically, as an engineer, I am never really fearful of how long a belt will last in a well engineered device. But I lack any empirical data on this quality design of this specific device (though after using one, I get the feeling the crew at versalab have some big mind-grapes). Small belts are usually cheep.
    2. Volume. The volume of the cylinder cutout in the slide is the volume of the dose. I imagine that the volume is changed by adding inserts into the slide to reduce the empty space, thus reducing the capacity of the slide.
    3. Could be either one, depends on the specific application.
    4. Either. It can be ran on either water or compressed air. Force is determined by the regulated pressure supplied to the cylinder. Duration is controlled by the on/off switch from the factory (you can see the barista flipping it back to the up/off position after her tamp in the vid). This could be changed pretty easily with a few solid state electronics to precisely set a time if you would wish.

  4. I used to be the one and only rep for Versalab, back in the day. To answer your question about dosing, it is volumetric. You use inserts to adjust the volume of coffee to be used. The belts do last a very long time…. technically, but because of a whole host of strange issues that people have had, like using weird alcohols to clean it, and the belt doesn’t like getting sprayed with commerical cleaners, I would venture that it may get changed in the future. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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