Can ya, can ya, Kenya!


The title, is the start to a little jingle that I am working on at the moment, due to be released in my mind only, out soon.

Sometimes there is a buzz in our little warehouse, every now and then something turns up that has us all doing quiet little skips across the warehouse floor (whilst no one is looking). Once in a blue moon, there is an occurrence like a lunar eclipse that all makes us stop, stand up and stare, like Kangaroos caught in a cars headlights at night.

This happened to us at the Intelli roast works this week, when collectively, we all gasped as our new crop Kenya coffees finally arrived! Now don’t ask me to pronounce the coffees names, I will leave that up to our master coffee procurer, Geoff Watts to voice.

As the delivery trucks air brakes let out and screamed, under the labor of trying to halt its behemoth weight. We all stopped and ran out into the streets to see if it was true, if it indeed did bring our Kenya loot to our doorstep.

Kenya coffees arrive

In there?

You see this year we heard stories of our Kenya coffees getting held up by our friends at the US customs, as they wanted to inspect the beans as it were. For most of us it was the first time that this had happened to one of our coffee shipments, and we were afraid of what might show up once or even if customs would released it.

Thankfully all the Kenya coffees protective mylar bags had all been left intact.


I had the pleasure of opening the first brick of greens and I did not hold back my imagination, that the small amount of air that was released was the same air, that filled the room back in Kenya months ago, that some other man or woman was breathing at that point in time. In some ways it is like a time capsule and I get to enjoy a sensory experience that only a few others have shared half the world away, in Kenya.

Romance is not dead, and I hope you find the similar romance when you finally get to brew these coffees and enjoy them yourselves, sometime in early September.

Happy drinking.


  1. Hello Deaton,

    Having learned that you’re of the Irish barista mafia (informant = Espresso Warehouse)
    I am writing to gain some professional feedback.

    I’ve designed and made a ceramic espresso hand tamper. If you agreeable, I’d like to email a link to my Flickr site to see images of the tampers. I will certainly answer any questions that you have.

    If your game I just need your email address (or group, forum, etc) to send the link to.

    Thanks for your time,

    Dana Church

  2. It’s nice to hear Coffee History clearly and as it happens. A very valuable post. Thanks for the head’s up!!!

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