Not much to say?


I have been really quiet of late, it’s not because I don’t have anything to talk about! Everyday at work there is something going on that is worthy of a post.

I have been thinking of late that I might change things up a bit, I want to start blogging about things other then coffee as well. What would that be you ask? Well, I want to start to blog about LA and all it’s hidden gems, like restaurants and taco trucks. Beer, my discovery of the American IPA among other American craft ales. More lately, cigars, yup there is nothing better of late, then kicking back, lighting up a cigar, sipping an IPA and collecting ones thoughts, while the memory of the chaotic week just past, fades.

Weekends is where it is at. A weekend blog, huh, maybe I just hit on something.



  1. Have to agree on the cigars, Deaton. What do you prefer in a cigar – any favs?

  2. Weekends indeed. It’s what I look forward to the most these days, with friends and of course more importantly, my beautiful wife.

  3. Beer !!!…

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