Jared’s Last Goodbye


Well, on Thursday the 22nd of October, I took the time to ask Jared a few poignant questions as he went about his day. It is hard the believe that almost a whole year has passed since he first started as a roaster at Intelligentsia and over 2 years since his days as a bar back at the Silver Lake cafe.

I also got the fellas at the roast works to say their last goodbyes, so we could send him of in style. Jared, we at Intelligentsia LA will miss ya and we all hope you kick arse up in Portland as the regions first Intelligentsia Sales rep.

Colin, I accidentally deleted the footage that we agreed on using, I did not want to cut you out completely so I just added the first take (you were lucky you got two, no one else did) that I got of you, hope that is ok.

Enjoy and goodluck Mr JL

In other news, I finally bought Final Cut Express last weekend, I could not wait to get home and start that bad boy up, until I saw the 1125 page instruction booklet that goes with it… eeep!



  1. a w e s o m e .

  2. was that on your day off?

  3. Thanks, Deaton! Whole bowl of sweet mens over there.

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