Dead Blog.


Yesterday I got sucked into the following tweet;

“blog blowup brouhaha between barista ballyhoos http://sprudge.com/?p=450 via @sprudge”

I went to Sprudge and checked out the shenanigans that was going on, it is the same old story about some “Mr Grumpy Pants”, who knows a guy, who competed at some barista competition and by the sounds of things he does not know how to tamp consistently or something. I am not really going to comment on that, nor the fact that he bought Intelligentsia’s name into the argument not once but three times for no apparent reason, maybe other then a bad case “Intelli-enviouse”. The whole thing is a bit of a “YAWN” to tell you the truth as this thing happens every year and like I said I am not going to comment on it, hang on, I think I just did, or did I?

Being the vein Intelligentsia type of guy that I am, when I finally stop being distracted by my own reflection in the mirror, I thought that I would see if Sprudge had linked my blog from their site. As I scrolled down the links page I saw the blogs were listed alphabetically, I thought, how nice, my name will be somewhere close to the top. Imagine my surprise when passed all the blogs starting with D and my name was not there, I thought, huh, that’s ok maybe they put it under Pigot, I did not know why they’d do that but I thought, surely they would not skip my blog entirely, surely. Then a shock panged, throughout my body, my eye lid started to twitch when I realized that no, NO, my blog is not linked, OBAMA WHY!!! My vision started going white as my blood drained my head, feeling fuzzy I scrolled back up, then down, then back up! Nothing!!!

It was on my 4th approach to the bottom of the links page that I saw it, a list, a ghastly list, titled “Dead Blogs”, at this point I had a nose bleed, as it dawned on me. Sprudge, a while ago announced to the WORLD, that I had lost interest in coffee blogging… This was kinda true, yes I had stopped, but there were other reasons outside of my own. As to why, I wont go into details, but yes, I took a hiatus, but dead, surely not!

I ask this of Sprudge, if you are reading this, then please answer my few humble questions.

SPRUDGE! How do I get my blog back in the “alive” links?

SPRUDGE! What is the difference between an “alive” blog and a “dead” blog?

SPRUDGE! How many times per week/ day do I need to blog?

SPRUDGE! Can I blog about other things like beer or cigars?… Am I allowed?!

SPRUDGE! How long is a piece of string? I need to KNOW!!!!

SPRUDGE! Are you there? SPRUDGE! Can you hear me?! I NEED you SPRUDGE!

SPRUDGE! I need your help!!!!

To  calm down, I turned back to the mirror, repeated 5 times, “Deaton you ARE an Intelligentsian”, then I fell into a deep sleep, sucking my thumb.



  1. The nosebleed is a sure sign of life (or imminent death?).

    You’ll always be alive in my heart, soggychops.

  2. […] a phone call, text messages and consequences which ultimately lead to my blog being assigned to the Dead Coffee Blog list over at […]

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