Oh No You Didn’t!


I had the chance to catch up with an old American friend whom I met in Dublin whilst working at Bewley’s.

It was hard to believe that we had not seen each other since 2006…

Jordan was a barista at Bewley’s on Grafton street and other then being a top notch bloke, he has one of the better customer service stories one can have.

There used to be this old lady who was a regular at Bewley’s cafe, she used to come in every day for her large extra hot latte and then would come over to the retail/ roasting area and talk to us for hours, just sipping away. She would often go back and ask the baristas to re-heat the latte straight out of the cup to which they’d obliged. Remember, this was Ireland 2005 and health codes were a little more relaxed than other countries, an indicator of that is the small pot of milk sitting out on the tables all day for your pot of tea…

Anyway, this one day she had her large, extra hot latte made by Jordan and after a sip she was not convinced that it was hot enough for her and asked Jordan if he felt it was ok. So with a charming American smile on his face he produced his pointer finger, stuck it into the latte knuckle deep, pulled it out, sucked the beverage from his finger and told her “it was fine”!

The poor thing cried, the staff and management just laughed and I was left to console her and get another Barista to make her a new, hot latte. I often imagine what would happen in the US if a Barista did that, as Jordan did not even get a stern talking too.

What’s your story, you wanna share?


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