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Meth Shreds


In part 2 of 4 Meth, an accomplished skateboarder and Intelligentsia’s delivery driver wanted to show us his skills in this impromptu video…

It’s rough but enjoy.

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You Can’t Say That At Intelligentsia 1.0 – Microwaving Coffee.


Welcome to part 1 of a 4 part series of funny photo’s and videos that never saw the light of day because of various reasons. Understandably as Intelligentsia grew it became more and more concerned about it’s brand and thus brand control, it only took 18 months before they started crack down on what was published by us bloggers. It was interesting to see how they went about this as it was new territory for them, they had to scrambled to write media policies that would give them a tad more control.

Video was a whole other story, you might remember that I was keen to get into some video blogging but really I just wanted to explore my new computers video editing programs. The excuses for these videos not being allowed to be published were broad, ranging from, “it’s no where good enough”, “it’s too Intelligentsia”, “it’s not Intelligentsia enough”, “HR would not approve”, “It’s my job to do that” and “we are already working on one like that”. For the most part I agreed as I am no expert at all, when it comes to making video’s the camera I have is a Cannon Power Shot SD990 IS and am self taught so sub par work could be expected…

It came to a point where I could not write a blog post without a phone call, text messages and consequences which ultimately lead to my blog being assigned to the Dead Coffee Blog list over at Sprudge.

Now, like I said I understand the reasons I am not bitching or whinging about it but it is time to dust off these old gems and let people see some of the shenanigans that we got up to.

I hope the Intelligentsia Fun Police don’t get all poopy pants at me! 😉

Ever wondered what would happen if you microwaved coffee? In August 2009 armed with only an iPhone camera, coffee and a will, Kyle and I tested it out.

After we noticed a stench we decided  to pull the plug on the experiment.

Note the steam and the few oily drops starting to fall from the plate onto the glass.

As the beans were heating from the inside the oils started spewing out in a audible hiss.

Even though we had turned off the microwave the beans continued to cook.

The process continues – still cooking.

Now there is smoke and it dawns on us that at this point we need cool the beans somehow.

We put them on this saucer to cool but it was not enough.

Now charred and as black as say the El Diablo Blend (just jokes) the beans did catch on fire and we had to move outside.

The Intelligentsia glass is now ruined and the smell permeates throughout the whole warehouse.

We had to open all doors and blast the smoke out with fans.

All in all it was a pretty successful experiment and we feel we busted the myth that you can microwave coffee.

Word to the wise the smell lasted for three days in the warehouse, so I would not recommend doing this at home.

To be Continued…


3 Is The Magic Number


After 3 years of living in Los Angeles and working for Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea I have decieded it’s time to call it a day. On Friday the 1st of October I broke the news to Jay, Steven and Gabe that the 29th of October will be my last day. I am leaving the company on a good note, there is no real drama to speak of, I simply feel that it is time to invest the money it takes to obtain visas into something else.

To date Julia and I have spent copious amounts of energy, time and money on visas over the years and by the time we had up the costs of lawyers, flights home each year, unpaid time of work we could have definitely used that money for a pretty sizable deposit on a house or other investments. That is not to say that I am complaining or have regrets for spending that money, we knew what we were getting ourselves into (kinda) and we knew it was an investment into our careers.

Working at Intelligentsia has been the most professionally rewarding years of my life, seeing the company grow in the last three years has been fantastic. To know that I was there at the beginning (or very close to) of the Los Angeles roast works build out and that I helped build and create something that has made an impact on Specialty Coffee on the west coast is fantastic. I have so many people to thank for my time here but if I start, I know, with my memory I will most likely leave someone out. So to all who helped me along my way at Intelligentsia, in America and abroad, I thank you so, so much, I am a better person for my time spent here.

Now that I am 33, I am opening myself up to other opportunities and after 3 years in LA Julia and I will be flying out of LAX on the 1st of November, on our 3rd wedding anniversary, drinking champagne in the sky! We will be spending a month in NZ, then head to Australia for Christmas, New Years, after which we will start to think about our next step.

Thanks again!