3 Is The Magic Number


After 3 years of living in Los Angeles and working for Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea I have decieded it’s time to call it a day. On Friday the 1st of October I broke the news to Jay, Steven and Gabe that the 29th of October will be my last day. I am leaving the company on a good note, there is no real drama to speak of, I simply feel that it is time to invest the money it takes to obtain visas into something else.

To date Julia and I have spent copious amounts of energy, time and money on visas over the years and by the time we had up the costs of lawyers, flights home each year, unpaid time of work we could have definitely used that money for a pretty sizable deposit on a house or other investments. That is not to say that I am complaining or have regrets for spending that money, we knew what we were getting ourselves into (kinda) and we knew it was an investment into our careers.

Working at Intelligentsia has been the most professionally rewarding years of my life, seeing the company grow in the last three years has been fantastic. To know that I was there at the beginning (or very close to) of the Los Angeles roast works build out and that I helped build and create something that has made an impact on Specialty Coffee on the west coast is fantastic. I have so many people to thank for my time here but if I start, I know, with my memory I will most likely leave someone out. So to all who helped me along my way at Intelligentsia, in America and abroad, I thank you so, so much, I am a better person for my time spent here.

Now that I am 33, I am opening myself up to other opportunities and after 3 years in LA Julia and I will be flying out of LAX on the 1st of November, on our 3rd wedding anniversary, drinking champagne in the sky! We will be spending a month in NZ, then head to Australia for Christmas, New Years, after which we will start to think about our next step.

Thanks again!


  1. Whoa! Good luck Deaton! You’ve done an great job!

  2. Damn! We were making plans for a Volta field trip to LA to come visit. Sorry that I didn’t get a chance to make it out before you left– but if you are ever in Florida and want to go diving (or need a solid espresso), give me a shout. Best of luck with the new direction.

  3. Shyza Minelli, J-Bird and I are going to miss you both uberly

  4. Congrats & All the best mate ! See you in Sydney

  5. Deaton. Thank you for not posting the kids incorporated video. I already mentioned how I felt about this whole thing. You will be missed, and I am sorry I didn’t work with you sooner. All the best, friend. And for the record, I like your accent.

  6. Wow! Big news! Will be good to see you again πŸ™‚ x

  7. Wow, that is big news. I’m glad I managed to taste some of your roasts from the Intelly LA roastworks. You’ve done a tremendous job and come a long long way in a quite short time. Everyone who knows you will vouch that you have a great career ahead of you and many many possibilities.

    I’m of course sad you aren’t gonna swing by Copenhagen on you way to Australia (it’s only a small detour… really…) But I hope to see you again soon.

    Best of luck from all of us here!

  8. See you soon DP!

  9. All the best Deatz…

  10. sorry I wont get to taste any of your roasting there Im sure you have massive mixed feelings on leaving. Wonder if your travels will take you to the UK?

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  12. Right on, Deaton. Enjoy your pursuits, my friend. Best of luck. Surely, you’re going to pass through Chicago on your way, eh?

  13. Deaton, maybe the gong has some job prospects too, huh? Get in touch!

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