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Tulip Theatre – #tuliptuesday


I asked this simple question today after seeing a sweet tulip poured in a Piccolo Latte (I know I said I would never order one…) at Loysel’s Toys in Singapore this morning.

Can anyone pour a tulip like this in a Piccolo Latte or a (American) Macchiato? #photosplease
6/02/11 6:55 PM

I ended up getting a few folk tweeting their pours at me over the next few hours, so with that I feel there is a need to start a #tuliptuesday. Here is a compilation of a few of the days #tuliptuesday photos (on Sunday).

If you are keen join in and spread the word, all you need to do is @deatonpigot on Twitter with the hash tag #tuliptuesdays and the rest is as they say, well, lets just get the day rolling and we will see…

Here are some tulips that were sent through today in todays Tulip Theatre!

First is DJ Barista (@Room10espresso) of Sydney, Australia with a two for one combo.

Gabriel Tan @FatStig5 from Perth, Australia sent through two photos, this is 1 of 2.

2 of 2 thoughI am not sure of the scale…

Baptiste Kreyder (@bapflyingfish) from London popped out this bad boy.

Josh Russell (@cupespresso) from Brisbane, Australia poured this.

Dan Streetman (@DanStreetman) from Brooklyn, USA demonstrated this illustration and I think it wins on composition as well! Nice work!