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Man of leisure


Well now that I am a man of leisure I have more time on my hands to stop and smell the flowers that are starting to bloom. I have started to work for my brother in law at his Mexican restaurant called Amigos. So this has been a good chance to take the hour long road trip south of Sydney to Wollongong and get reacquainted with the local life. I had promised myself that i would do brunch at Diggies on North Beach as soon as I got off the plane from America, I failed to do so at the time so now I am making up on lost time.


Diggies are known for there fantastic breaky and spectacular beach views, the coffee I ordered was a strong flat white that looked a whole lot better then it tasted. I felt like I was drinking muddy milk and it was a huge disappointment as I remembered it to be a whole lot better.

 The View

Even though the coffee was no good the breakfast was to die for and did not let me down, I will just have to order a tea when I get back next…After breaky I visited an old work buddy of mine, Mike who used to be the sales rep for Lazumba when I worked there 5 years ago, has opened up his own place called Swell coffee. He is using coffee by Green Bean a company that sets up little 500gram air roasters in your cafe so fresh coffee is always on hand. Within the 1st year of opening Mike tells me that he is doing at least 30 kg of coffee per week and has 4 wholesale accounts already with more in the pipe line.


Mike uses a ECM Michelangelo which has a mechanical pre-infusion and a K60 grinder.

500grams at time keeps him on his toes.

I am staying at my Sisters house for the nights that I am working at Amigos in Wollongong which does have its perks. Owen and Cass have set up a small Sunbeam espresso machine which to my surprise can actually get a reasonable coffee out of it!


1st attempt, not bad as the sunbeams steam presure is gutless.


just looking at these photos more closely now and I seem to not be able to finish the pour with a straight line, there is always a bend… I’ll have to work on that.