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Even though Julia and I have been jet setting (more like couch surfing) around for the last 3 months, I have had a couple of prospects in the pipeline that are now seeing fruition. I have an 8 week contract job based in Singapore for Toby’s Estate Coffee of Australia. This is to help set up or at least over see the initial stages of construction of their cafe/ roastery.

For those who don’t know Toby’s Estate Coffee here is a brief history. Toby Smith the proprietor open his first cafe/ roastery in Woolloomooloo, Sydney back in 1998. In the days before “Direct Trade” was in vogue, Toby was on the ground at origin sourcing his own coffees and just making it happen. Toby’s company is extremely proactive in the coffee community at home in Oz and was involved in the very first standards committees that helped pave the way for the Australian coffee industry at large.

Come 2011 Toby’s is going through some exciting expansion as the company has roasting facilities in Sydney and Melbourne and is in construction phases in Perth, Brisbane, Singapore and has more projects in the pipeline as well.

I have been a fan of Toby’s for a long time now and I am looking forward to working closely  with him over the next few months. I hope to bring my blog up to speed and keep everyone abreast of Singapore’s operations, that and my quest to find some stunning ales (I can only hope).

Travelers, if you have any tips for Julia and I to do whilst we are there, by all means leave a comment I’d love to hear from you.